A nexis for the rest of us

Greetings, reporters! I recently came across a site called ExpertAccess, which is basically LexisNexis for freelancers.

In fact, it really is LexisNexis for freelancers, as it’s a smaller and cheaper version of the gargantuan global database used by lawyers, reporters and researchers around the world.

It was started by a guy named Brad Hamilton, who is involved with the portfolio site Contently. This freelance version excludes public records and court records, which is a huge bummer. But it offers access to contact info and clip searches that you can’t get pretty much anywhere else. As anyone who does research probably already knows, LexisNexis is the holy grail.

They charge up to $79 per link(!), so Hamilton negotiated a $20/month deal for us commoners. The downside is they require a year’s payment upfront - so it’s really $240/year.

If you’re serious about researching sources or find yourself needing contact info often, it’s probably a worthwhile investment. And tax deductible! Find those sources, reporters!

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